How long does it take to pay off student loans in the USA?”

“Are you sure?”

“Cheap apartments near me”

“Cheapest place to live USA”

“Cheapest place to live USA that isn’t Fort Wayne, Indiana”

“Cheapest place to live in the whole world and I mean including Antarctica”

“DIY Igloos”

“How to move back with your parents and not resent them for encouraging you to get a degree?”

“Can I return my degree and get all my money back, because then it’s like it never even happened?”


“Can normal people go bankrupt but still be fine like rich people?”

“How to start a pyramid scheme”

“How to start a successful pyramid scheme”

“How to start a successful ethical pyramid scheme”

“How to start a successful pyramid scheme targeted exclusively at bad people so as to not go against my conscious”

“Modern-day Robin Hood example”

“Modern-day Robin Hood not in jail”

“How to sell eggs?”

“How to sell eggs the woman kind not the chicken kind”

“How to sell eggs but be alright with the idea that you’ll have children you’ll never meet which is cool for some people but I’m not sure if I would ever be able to emotionally wrap my head around that?”

“Can you sell organs?”

“How would one get on the black market, but only hypothetically?”

“Does the black market give your computer a virus? Because this computer is expensive.”

“How to sell organs on the black market but not die? Hypothetically!”

“Beanie babies worth money”

“How to fake death”

“Hypothetically, how illegal is it to fake my death?”

“If I change my name, take on a new identity and move to an undisclosed location does this count as faking my death and also would this be a way of avoiding paying back my loans and being in debt til I’m well into my 50s and have kids of my own who are also going to be stuck in an endless cycle of debt in order to get a degree that will allow them to apply for a job that says that pricey degree is not enough and that they need to have 5 years experience but also how do they get those 5 years of experience if they’re fresh out of college and are trying to gain experience and if they can’t get that experience then they can’t get a job and pay back this stupid loan that has way too high of interest rate and ridiculous minimum monthly payment? Hypothetically.”

“Haha nevermind JK @ the CIA”

“Margarita recipe (cheap)”