1. Every position you try is somehow the wrong one.
  2. Things that should be lubricated are decidedly not, and vice versa.
  3. Any instructions are sparse and/or borderline incomprehensible.
  4. You’re tempted to reach for a strong drink but know it would make things even more difficult.
  5. There’s copious sweating.
  6. Leaning against the wall for better support seemed like a solid plan until it backfired.
  7. Flipping it over absolutely does not help, either.
  8. In retrospect, the delicious meatballs you enjoyed a few hours ago were the high point of the evening—and perhaps a poor choice for the physical undertaking to follow.
  9. One word: friction.
  10. There’s an odd squeaking noise coming from somewhere, but you’re just going to try your best to ignore it for now.
  11. At least one limb is starting to cramp up.
  12. You’ve tried it by hand and you’ve tried with power tools and neither is doing the trick.
  13. Okay, maybe placing some pillows underneath will help get the angle right?
  14. No matter what, the hole simply is not lining up.
  15. You used to think every type of screw was basically interchangeable but now realize there are a lot of design and technique subtleties that make a huge difference.

1-15: Awkward hookup
1-15: Assembling an IKEA dresser