Video Games Jokes

Top 10 funny things about video games:

  1. You can perform fighting moves even UFC fighters can't replicate: 15 Best Video Game Moves of All Time
  2. They're better stress relievers than getting a Swedish massage: Student Video Game Therapy
  3. Like women, they get more expensive over time: If Halo 3 Were a Woman, I Would Marry Her
  4. They've spawned high school-esque “gamer cliques”: Ode to College Gamers
  5. Every game is somehow similar to a different PIC writer: 2007 Video Games of the Year
  6. Trash-talking online replaces actual threats of physical harm: Ode to College Gamers, Part II
  7. Madden football now requires putting your fingers through spring training: Madden 2006: A Totally Sane and Rational Review
  8. We may actually be able to have sex with them soon: Aye, There's the Rub: Rabbits
  9. Not much, if you think games should not be played without a board: A Cheater's Guide to Board Games
  10. Interns, rappers and executives play them with each other every time a hit song comes out: The Making of a Rap Video
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