The Olympics Jokes

Top 10 funny things about The Olympics:

  1. They take place in cities with exotic names that are incredibly fun to say: What The Olympics Mean to Me
  2. There are sports where men are forced to wear tights: Sport Court: Is It a Sport or Not?
  3. To some, the only interesting thing about it is the girls in bikinis who play beach volleyball: The Olympics
  4. It created the Special Olympics, which in turn, created a million jokes: Random Funny Away Messages
  5. Some of the sports in the program shouldn't exist (like c'mon, water polo??): In Defense of Curling
  6. It's a total shame that beer pong isn't an Olympic sport: The History of Beer Pong
  7. The sports that don't make it are instantly classified as weird: Olympic Sports That Ought to Exist But Don't
  8. It's the one event where you can make fun of people because of their language: Movies to Hookup By
  9. Like a horrible curse, it occurs every four years: Ten Things to Believe In
  10. Just like your older sibling, they take over your television and you can't do anything about it: Let the Lame Begin! (An Olympic Analysis)
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