Swimming Pools Jokes

Top 10 funny things about swimming pools:

  1. Unlike the beaches in Cancun, they have awesome floating pool noodles: Last Minute Spring Break Brainstorm
  2. If you had your birthday at the community pool, you instantly became the coolest kid in your neighborhood: Happy Freaking Birthday
  3. Drinking beers during the day can only feel justified when in one: A Vacation From My Staycation
  4. There's really no reason for a pool house when you can just have sex with someone in the water: Camp Spring Break
  5. Add a little imagination, and they can be an awesome place to pretend to be pirates, with the rum and all: YouTube: Pirates
  6. Kiddie pools have more uses than the regular ones, for instance, they can be filled with chocolate pudding and girls: College Memories
  7. Everyone will use them, but no one will take care of them because they're a bitch to clean: Hot Time in the City: Moving to NYC After Graduation
  8. Even though the only difference is you're standing in water, they can make beer bongs a lot more fun: Lady of the Lake
  9. They're never fun when you're hanging out with an ogre: The Tale of the Vile Irishman
  10. Some say that guys typically last longer with a condom, in a pool, under the influence, and with a partner they find unattractive: Ask Nicole: Contemplating the Callback