Poems Jokes

Top 10 funny things about poems:

  1. They can make you seem like a complete weirdo or a suave romantic: Poem of the Solemn Thong
  2. They're a way teachers can get back to you for all the mean things you've done to them: Whatever's Clever
  3. They are now known as emo love songs: Another Poem
  4. Can you imagine how much ass Shakespeare got in his day because he wrote tons of them? Nope, neither can I: Exes and Oh's
  5. It does sound pretty gay now, but we've all written a love poem for someone: Valentine's Day Compromise
  6. Girls are total suckers for them: Saddam and Martha: Penitentiary Pals
  7. You can pretty much rhyme about anything in the world: Thanks Again (Poem)
  8. Unlike songs, you don't have to embarrass yourself when reading one to someone else: Halloween
  9. Guys are never creative when it comes to writing one: How to Lady-Proof Your Room (By a Lady)
  10. Being a poem critic is probably the easiest job known to mankind: My Impression on JD Boston's Blog (A Poem)

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