One Night Stands Jokes

Top 10 funny things about one night stands:

  1. They only take seven steps to do: Seven Steps to One Night Stands
  2. It may not seem like it, but guys are always on the lookout for one: You Don't Want to Date Me
  3. Phone numbers are their sworn enemies: Shoot First, Ask Questions Two Weeks Later
  4. Sometimes, they're the only thing that can cheer someone up: What He Says, What He Really Means
  5. They're the only thing we kind of remember after a long night of professional boozing: College Relationships, Multiple Choice, and Senior Status
  6. Its actually harder to do than you'd think because it takes a lot of strategy: Seven Steps to One Night Stands
  7. It gives people a chance to steal valuable things they can use or pawn: A Hurricane By Any Other Name
  8. Unbelievable, I know, but they can actually get repetitive and boring: The Live-In Prostitute Plan
  9. You never end up having sex on a bed because that defeats the whole purpose of being adventurous: Seven Steps to One Night Stands
  10. They're so popular, even best friends do them every once in a while: Ask Nicole: Breaking the Seal
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