Music Jokes

Top 10 funny things about music:

  1. We may not know it, but we all have a soundtrack to go along with our lives: The Ultimate Soundtrack of Our College Lives
  2. There's no cure for a horrible song that gets stuck in your head: The Ten Worst Songs of All Time
  3. There's no such thing as a funny music video because they're all about women and sex now: Music Video Strikes a New Low
  4. It created MTV, which aside from the music videos, sucks big time: UTV: The Worldwide Leader in Drunk
  5. People actually sing about getting barbecue stains while playing the banjo: Down with Country Music
  6. Due to it's trance-like sound, people who don't dance will humiliate themselves in front of others and dance all night long: The White Man's Guide to Dancing
  7. It spawned the term “posers”: Rock ‘n Roll Won't Ever Die
  8. It's pretty much what our ears live for: iGrad: Music to My Ears
  9. For some reason, we never get to listen to the stuff we like on our birthday: A College Birthday Experience
  10. God actually hates gay music videos: God Hates Music Video