iPods Jokes

Top 10 funny things about iPods:

  1. Some people listen to theirs while having sex: The Electoral College Keg Party
  2. The only reason some people get a video iPod is so they can watch porn wherever they go: Things We Won't Get for Christmas
  3. The clicking sound they make is annoying yet fun to hear at the same time: iGrad: Music to My Ears
  4. When they're on repeat at a party, you can venture through the owner's music library and play their most embarrassing music: Top 10 College Party Themes
  5. Parents think they're too expensive, so for Christmas they'll just get you something of equal value, like an old-school Sony Walkman: ‘Tis Better to Receive
  6. They made listening to music at an ear-destroying volume cool: Hot Time in the City: Moving to NYC After Graduation
  7. The average life expectancy of one ranges from four hours to two years: Happy Home for a Happy Meal
  8. Because of it's size and value, it's always entertaining to see someone drop it: iGrad: Music to My Ears
  9. Some people touch theirs more than they touch their loved ones: Medicinal Marijuana: My New Medication
  10. If someone steals yours, they're guaranteed the most brutal ass-kicking of their life: To the Motherfucker Who Stole My iPod
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