Friends Jokes

Top 10 funny things about friends:

  1. Making ones at college is easy, just make sure you have booze to spare: Guide to Essential College Friends
  2. Almost all of us have hooked up with a friend's friend's friend: Knowing Your League in College
  3. Sometimes they come with benefits (thank God): Friends with Benefits Bullshit
  4. Everyone has a friend they don't really like because they're an asshole: How to Survive College Without a Helmet
  5. Saying you just want to be friends is the easiest and harshest way to break up with someone nowadays: “I Think We Should Just Be Friends”
  6. They are the best people to pull a downright mean prank on: Pranks for the Memories
  7. We all have friends on Facebook we never talk to: Face to Facebook
  8. Once you hit puberty, you really don't HAVE to buy them anything for their birthday anymore: A College Birthday Experience
  9. Everyone has one in college that's simply legendary: What Would Randy Spellner Do?
  10. They created the term “wingman”: The Wingman: Your Best Friend at the Bar
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