Dogs Jokes

Top 10 funny things about dogs:

  1. No one names them based on their breed because no one wants to call them by a foreign name like “Sergei”: Chills: The Coolest Dog Ever
  2. Because couples can be gay sometimes with their lovey-dovey-ness, they get blamed for things like letting go unexpected farts: So You Farted in His Bed
  3. Since they're known as man's best friend, they get fed alcohol a lot just because people want to see if they'll get drunk like the average man: Party Barge: The True Story of Noah's Ark
  4. The coolest ones always have the coolest names because they come from something stupid, yet awesome: The Rock God Proclaimeth: Led Zeppelin, “Black Dog”
  5. They get back at humans for all the cruel things they've had done to them by barking nonstop extremely early in the morning: Qing Fo, The Chinese Squid Woman
  6. If they work with the cops, they're more dangerous than the actual cops: The Ping Pong Pile of Shit
  7. There's actually such things as a weiner dog: Sarah's Valentine's Day Disasters
  8. In most cases, they look exactly like their owners: Cat vs. Dog Owners: A Scientific Analysis
  9. In reality, they're the greatest pimps in the world because they get people to walk THEM: The Real World DOES Suck
  10. For some reason, people think they're the perfect name for a bar or pub: Weekly Questions at the Bar
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