Clowns Jokes

Top 10 funny things about clowns:

  1. MC Hammer had a place to sell all of his pants when he went bankrupt: Mr. Sensitive Pants
  2. You know what they say about guys with big feet…: Scrub My Feet, Bitch
  3. That purple wig they wear? Yeah, the carpets match the drapes: The Pubic Hair Problem
  4. They can make anatomically correct balloon horses: Barbaro: Hung Up on a Horse
  5. Laughing gas: the date rape drug of clown college: Things I REALLY Learned in College
  6. They are the only men that can wear makeup outside of Hollywood and get away with it: Hollywood's Creepiest Fathers
  7. Nothing brightens up a funeral like one… actually scratch that, nothing brightens up a funeral like an open bar: Funeral Speech
  8. Even a depressed clown is funny: The Sad Truth
  9. They honk when they fart, I think: The Fine Art of Farting
  10. Clown sex is creepy sex: Sex Last Night

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