Cheating Jokes

Top 10 funny things about cheating:

  1. Kids cheat so they can actually win a board game against their 82-year-old grandma: A Cheater's Guide to Board Games
  2. All men are said to do it all the time but that's just because women won't admit they do it too: All Men are Scumbags
  3. Athletes do it so they can perform better and feel as strong as a horse: Steroids: Because Losing Sucks
  4. Its considered a dick move because you're only thinking with your penis….or vagina: Five Reasons Why You Should Wait on Sex
  5. If you do it, you're either going to get thrown in jail by the government or die to the hands of your girlfriend: Television Obsession
  6. It happens more in college than it does in a high school math exam that doesn't have a supervisor: Dirty Little Secrets
  7. To prevent it, all school exams are locked up, which is exactly what girls do with their private parts when they find out about a guy's cheating past: Exams, Part III: After
  8. Llamas' girlfriends do it on a regular basis: I'm Here for the Gang Bang
  9. Its the only thing rappers seem to rhyme about these days: The Making of a Rap Video
  10. Some people use it as a way to get out of relationships because they're too much of a pansy to express how they feel: Relationship Cheat Sheet