Birthdays Jokes

Top 10 funny things about birthdays:

  1. Because of the alcohol friends will shove down your throat, you'll be lucky to remember anything: Happy Freaking Birthday
  2. Once you turn the legal age to drink, you don't have to wear extra underwear and Right Guard when showing the bouncer your fake ID: Celebrating 21 Years: A Retrospective
  3. When you find out how much money you spent on alcohol at the bars in the past week, you'll either faint or cry because you'll have to eat peanut butter sandwiches for the next month: Be There or Beware
  4. Even though it's your birthday, your friends are still more excited than you: Being Libra
  5. You won't buy those four shots of tequila for yourself, your friends will: How to Drink for Free
  6. There's always something to celebrate, even if it's about being the old geezer that you are: The Real World DOES Suck
  7. Even countries celebrate their birthdays with alcohol: Putting a Face with a Country
  8. You don't become a man (or a woman) on your 13th birthday, you do that when you can go out on your birthday and then tell the toilet afterward that you can't be puke buddies anymore: I'm Bringing Slavery Back
  9. Something bad always happens on that day, whether it's breaking up with someone, getting evicted or finding out that it's not that cool to be drunk at 11 a.m.: Why Evictions Always Happen on Somebody's Birthday
  10. You will always make a birthday speech; it might happen at the bar, in a taxi cab or right next to your pile of puke in somebody's backyard: Birthday Boy Speech