Basketball Jokes

  1. The reason for the sport's decline could be because there's less white guys: I Hate This Game!: The Decline of NBA Basketball
  2. The mascots make some wish they can be a mascot when they grow up: Ohio University Changes Its Mascot to a Party-Friendlier Biker Dude
  3. The biggest comebacks in the sport have been done by players with funny-sounding names: Don't Call It a Comeback (Basketball Edition)
  4. A girl can seriously beat a guy's ass at a game of one-on-one: It's That Valen-time Again
  5. For some unknown reason, bartenders won't show pro games on a bar's TV: The Ideal Sports Bar
  6. March Madness is probably the biggest event for everyone in the month of March: ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Suck
  7. A game is the greatest place to dress yourself in paint and yell out something obnoxious: School Spirit: My Anti-Drug
  8. Some professional teams have the gayest names in the world (e.g. the Los Angeles Clippers): Picking Them Games with Nurse Stoner Girl
  9. The biggest ball-hoggers can be found on elementary school teams: Regarding My Actions at Last Evening's Faculty-Student Basketball Game
  10. Rappers think they're good at it just because they say they're “gangsta”: Gangsta Brawlin': The Ron Artest Interview