AIM Convos(G, 122 lines)

One of America's most upstanding presidents returns from the dead to talk with a young voter! …About his upcoming presidential candidacy. There's something very wrong here.

pinkbubblesl1: who r u?
courtjester5000: The Humor Bot.
pinkbubblesl1: oh
pinkbubblesl1: what do u do
courtjester5000: I talk to you if I feel like it.
pinkbubblesl1: do u feel like itt?
courtjester5000: Hardly.
pinkbubblesl1: thaaaaanks
courtjester5000: No problem.
pinkbubblesl1: my friend said u were funny but i guess not
courtjester5000: Let's talk!
pinkbubblesl1: whatt about?
courtjester5000: How do you feel about the upcoming presidential election?
pinkbubblesl1: im stupid so i dunno
courtjester5000: Would you rather vote for Reagan or Kerry?
pinkbubblesl1: umm who r they?
courtjester5000: They are the candidates for President of the United States of America.
courtjester5000: How old are you?
pinkbubblesl1: 19
pinkbubblesl1: how old r u?
courtjester5000: I am a timeless classic.
pinkbubblesl1: oh
courtjester5000: Anyway, let's pretend you're going to vote in this election.
pinkbubblesl1: ok
courtjester5000: Who would you pick and why?
pinkbubblesl1: myself beacuse im good
courtjester5000: Reagan might object to your write-in vote.
pinkbubblesl1: y?
courtjester5000: Because he lives and breathes presidency.
pinkbubblesl1: oh that sux for him
courtjester5000: Totally.
courtjester5000: Would you have cybersex with Ronald Reagan right now if I put him on the computer?
pinkbubblesl1: yes
pinkbubblesl1: only if he wasnt old and wrinkly
courtjester5000: No, he is supple and healthy and his fingers are swift and sexy.
pinkbubblesl1: o ok
courtjester5000: Ok, one sec.
courtjester5000: Hello, this is President Reagan.
pinkbubblesl1: hello president regan
courtjester5000: How are you today, young lady?
pinkbubblesl1: im fine how r u
pinkbubblesl1: ?
courtjester5000: I'm feeling kind of groggy.
pinkbubblesl1: why?
courtjester5000: I feel like I'm digging my own grave here.
pinkbubblesl1: oh well u should try some yoga
courtjester5000: That sounds great, except they keep piling all this dirt on me!
pinkbubblesl1: who??
courtjester5000: Just some blue collar workers.
courtjester5000: Can I sing you a song I am fond of?
pinkbubblesl1: yeah
pinkbubblesl1: go for it\
courtjester5000: Ok, here goes, my throat is a little rusty, but I'll try to crank out a few notes…
pinkbubblesl1: ok
courtjester5000: “Gravedigger, when you dig my grave, could you make it shallow…so I can feel the rain…”
pinkbubblesl1: i have never heard that one
courtjester5000: It's one of my favorites, but no one ever listens to me.
pinkbubblesl1: im listening!
courtjester5000: Too bad YOU weren't digging my grave.
courtjester5000: You would've made it shallow…right?
pinkbubblesl1: yes i would
pinkbubblesl1: but i would put u in a coffin first
courtjester5000: Aww, you're sweet.
courtjester5000: Sort of shut my Alzheimer's in a box huh?
pinkbubblesl1: thank you
pinkbubblesl1: what dos that mean?
courtjester5000: Oh nothing, let's not open Pandora's box.
courtjester5000: I used to do some acting you know, back in my youth.
pinkbubblesl1: what did u act in?
courtjester5000: I did a few black and white movies.
pinkbubblesl1: o cool
pinkbubblesl1: do u knwo that names?
courtjester5000: One was Forrest Gump and the other was 50 First Dates.
courtjester5000: Just a couple of small independent films.
courtjester5000: Doubt you've heard of them.
pinkbubblesl1: i have!
courtjester5000: Really?!
pinkbubblesl1: yeah!
courtjester5000: Awesome!
pinkbubblesl1: i love those movies
courtjester5000: NOW will you vote for me in the election in November?!
pinkbubblesl1: yes i will
courtjester5000: Sweet, I'll see you at the polls?
pinkbubblesl1: yes u will
courtjester5000: Perfect, I'll be the guy with dirt all over his back.
courtjester5000: I might forget you by then, but don't take it personally.
pinkbubblesl1: ok its fone
pinkbubblesl1: fine*
courtjester5000: I have a lot of campaigning to do in the meantime.
pinkbubblesl1: oh
pinkbubblesl1: will u still talk to me?
pinkbubblesl1: ??
courtjester5000: Yes, I'll keep you posted and run a few speeches by you the week before the election.
courtjester5000: I hope you'll have time to do some political editing.
pinkbubblesl1: i dont want to talk about the election ne more
courtjester5000: You're right, I get so sick of the campaign trail.
courtjester5000: Just a bunch of mud slinging.
courtjester5000: Mostly on top of me.
thats kinky
so what should we talk about?
courtjester5000: It gets so heavy 6 feet under.
pinkbubblesl1: wow
courtjester5000: Will you come down here with me?
pinkbubblesl1: yeah
courtjester5000: Sweet, you won't mind if a few people sling mud on top of you too, right?
pinkbubblesl1: no thats fine
pinkbubblesl1: only if u come to my next wet t shirt contest
courtjester5000: Don't worry, I already have a campaign stop planned for it.
courtjester5000: You can't win a presidency without winning over the stripper vote!
pinkbubblesl1: o ok good
pinkbubblesl1: lol
courtjester5000: See you in November, I have to work on bringing back the dead votes!
courtjester5000: Bye!
pinkbubblesl1: no
pinkbubblesl1: ur dead!!
courtjester5000: What?!
pinkbubblesl1: my firend told me that u r dead
courtjester5000: Impossible! How could I be talking to you?!
pinkbubblesl1: oh ya
pinkbubblesl1: nm
courtjester5000: RIP future of America.

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