Free PIC t-shirt - Points in Case contest
We're bringin' sexy front.
Alright, because I'm tired and can't be buggered to write out a full-length article, I thought we would play a little game instead. This game is called, "Guess which one of the following things I did NOT do while on vacation last week."

The first person to guess the right answer wins a Points in Case t-shirt! Please, only one guess per person and you must answer using your PIC profile (sign up here if you don't already have a profile).

Okay, here we go. Remember, I did all of these things except ONE!

  1. Crossed paths with and scared off a total of seven bears.
  2. Got kissed several times 160 feet underground.
  3. Watched a camel chew and swallow an entire plastic bucket.
  4. Scratched a kangaroo behind the ears.
  5. Survived a hurricane that flooded parts of the Eastern seaboard.
  6. Smacked a bull elk on the butt.
  7. Crawled inside a giant fiberglass slug.
  8. Had a butterfly land on my leg while several others flew around my head.
  9. Ate an "Elvis Burger" and got sick from it. (It may have actually been made from Elvis himself.)
  10. Earthquake at the National Cathedral
    If God exists then why does he keep fucking up his own churches with natural disasters? Hmmmm?!
    Survived an earthquake that broke the National Cathedral. (More proof God doesn't exist.)
  11. Stroked a zebra's mane.
  12. Went into a haunted house, twice.
  13. Saw a ghost not once, not twice, but three times.
  14. Got hit on by a woman with fewer teeth than she had fingers.
  15. Violated several federal regulations.
  16. Fed a bird while it perched on my hand.
  17. Patted an ostrich on the head.
  18. Watched and laughed as a young girl cried and screamed out of sheer terror.
  19. Got drooled on by a buffalo.
  20. Had a ménage à trois, on a hill, with gravity awkwardly being one of the trois.
  21. Stood where a dead woman laid for 500 hundred years.
  22. Unnecessarily treated myself for pulmonary tuberculosis without the use of antibiotics.
  23. Bought a comic book for the first time ever.
  24. Peed while a 14 point deer watched and stamped his hoof from less than 15 feet away.
  25. Broke laws in more than one state.
  26. Got crotch flashed by an Italian woman.
  27. Spent 50 cents to crush a penny.
  28. Fed a fiberglass Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  29. Got straight up robbed by an Eland.
  30. Eland (antelope)
    What the fuck is an eland? One ton of big ass antelope, that's what.
  31. Ate a breakfast sandwich described as egg cheese and "meat."
  32. Got seriously dissed by a giraffe.
  33. Got called Sweetie, Darling, Honey, Doll, Sugar, Dear, and Baby by different women.
  34. Waited ten minutes while an ICEE machine finished making cola flavor.
  35. Saw a woman hiking through the woods with a boom box strapped to her backpack playing rap music.
  36. Found a rare species of fungus shaped like a penis.
  37. Uttered the phrase, "Don't go in there man, it's hepatitis on a stick in there."
  38. Toured an M35 deuce and a half.
  39. Ate two and a half bags of marshmallows.
  40. Stole a rubber duckie, because it was cute.
  41. Almost got in a fight with some random guy in a sports car over nothing.

Just log in and leave your guess below. Remember you are guessing the thing I did NOT do last week.

Choose wisely!