A compilation of the oddest and most intriguing aspects of college life. Points in Case is the original college humor column that started the website in 1999.

Column Archives


Dishwashing, Call Waiting, and Bandwagon Hating
April 2005

Senior Year

College Relationships, Multiple Choice, and Senior Status
April 2003

Dorm Showers, Robotic Professors, and Drunken Caretaking
March 2003

Bombed Tests, Fake Semi-Friends, and Campus Hotties
January 2003

Wounded Soldiers, Alleged Philanthropy, and The Look
December 2002

Delinquent Interns, Drunken Reminder Tags, & Hooking Up
September 2002

Junior Year

Ride Scavengers, Airplane Drunks, and Moving Out
May 2002

Awkward College Situations
April 2002

Jammed Copiers, Gloved Exams, and Mailbox Condoms
December 2001

Junior Year: More College Perspectives
October 2001

Summer Internship: Behind the Scenes
October 2001

Sophomore Year

Stressed Out Whiners, Short-term Learners, & Ballpoint Stirrers
May 2001

Spring Break, Your Refrigerator, and Procrastinology
April 2001

Second Semester: Balancing the Equilibrium
February 2001

How to Avoid Your Professor and Fake IDs
December 2000

Printer Assholes, Cell Phones and Medicinal Alcohol
September 2000

Freshman Year

Puke-Protectors, Dorm Rooms and Finals
May 2000

Foreign Professors and Alcoholic Mishap
April 2000

Millennium Edition: 2000 Beers and The College Alarm Clock
January 2000

Liquor Galleries and Urine vs. Thirst
December 1999

Printing Paper, Recycling Chaos and The Dawn of Time
October 1999