>>> Ask Nicole
By staff writer Nicole McKaig
May 19, 2004

I asked, you answered: What turns you on/off when you meet someone for the very first time? Let’s kick things off with everyone’s favorite boy-toy, Court!

I'm totally attracted to blonde hair, blue eyes and the appearance of having just turned 18 (hopefully looks don't deceive). But most importantly, a girl has to have a killer personality. I'm talking complete serial murderer type. No less than 9 deaths by personality. Turn-offs include girls who make more than 3 cell phone calls a day, and girls who insist on wearing makeup before leaving their room.

Eyes! I'm Asian so if they're bigger than mine. that's a plus. Especially if their eyes really contrast with their hair… dark hair/light eyes or light hair/dark eyes. But as long as you're not fugly, you're fair game in my squinty eyes. Smoking is a turn-off, you lose points automatically.

When I first a meet a guy, the first thing I’m attracted to is his eyes… I love them! And a nice smile is great too! Also, I love a great sense of humor. Guys who are uptight just bother me.

First impression of a guy comes from the first words out of his mouth. It is a complicated thing, his voice can't be whiney or annoying and if what comes out of his mouth sounds like Prez. GWB, it's thumbs down instantly. Give me a Vin Diesel voice and the charm of James Bond. Right behind that its pretty eyes, a nice smile (teeth must be straight and all intact), good job, oh, and *sizable* asset. Now, if you have his number could you send it to me??


They love you AmirThe guy needs glasses. Me and my girls have realized nerds are the ones who have it all together. When looking for a long term relationship I'd take smarts over good hair any day!

I am attracted to guys just because of their hair. I once had a crush on a gorgeous red-head, only to discover a few weeks later that he had died his hair that color. When it grew out to his natural brown, I suddenly lost the crush and saw what a sleaze bag he was.

I like green eyes they are a definite turn-on. Brown eyes on the other hand are offensive to me, unless they are so brown they almost look black like there is no iris.. then that's cool.

When I first meet a guy, it's all about how tall he is, and then everything else. I don't know why, but I've always had a thing for tall men. Maybe it's because I'm freakishly tall, and like feeling normal sized. Turns-offs include body odor, wiggers, and guys who end every sentence with a high pitched nervous laugh, or a twitch.

Legs for sure, long tanned legs. And women not afraid of their sexuality. You could lie all day long about personality but thats BS and everyone knows it. “Attracted to” means someone you see and fulfill your animal instincts to procreate. Do bears hump other bears because of the others personality? Nope. Confidence is the key for a woman or man. For women out there for real just walk to a man the next time you see them and you are “attracted” to them say hello and flirt, I guarantee as long as your no missing an eye or teeth or something he will at least be nice and say hello back and maybe something more from there.
Just because a girl won’t sleep with you doesn’t mean she’s “afraid of her sexuality.” It’s more likely you scared her off with your bear-humping philosophy.

I’m attracted to the ghetto lookin white guys, you know the ones wearin Fubu n Ecko when they look like dumbasses… I dunno the fact that they think they’re someone else is just sexy. Preppy guysare a massive turn-off… you know the ones with the khaki shorts, orange polo, sandals and slicked backed hair and don’t try to mess up their hair… they’ll tell their mommy at the country club… eww.

I despise cheesy pick-up lines. Walking around my school's campus, you're sure to get at least 17. Once, I was going to class, and some guy looks at me and says “Hey, you…in the shorts…how YOU doin?” WHO THE FUCK SAYS THAT!?

I’m right there with ya. The dumbest one I ever got was “Hello, Sweetheart. Would you care for a cigar?” At the time I was at the lake feeding geese. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if he was really hitting on me at all, I think he just wanted to share his love of tobacco with the world. But I was like, dude, find your own geese.