Deer Court,

I was out hunting the other day and I saw you nibbling on some sparse brush. I was about to shoot, but I couldn't remember if hunting season ended LAST Friday or THIS Friday.

Could you tell me your in-season dates again?

Trigger Happy but Law-abiding

Dear Trigger Happy but Law-abiding,

Thanks for your email, the park service is always so unclear on the in-season dates. It's very frustrating not knowing when it's safe to take a stroll with the youngins. Those little fawns are always so busy on Animals OnLine 9.0 though!

Anyway, the in-season dates for archery (statewide) are Sept. 15 – Nov. 15 and Nov. 21 – Nov. 28, with no cap on the male/female killing ratio. Muzzleloader season (also statewide) begins shortly afterwards on Dec. 1 and runs all the way until Dec. 31. Remember to wear your right orange vest, there will be a lot of killing going on!

Court (the deer)