Wow, it's a blast from the past. Amir just IMed me a link to someone who captured 225 screenshots during our 5 nights competing in the Yahoo Messenger IM Live Contest (see also, my blurb). That's quite the devoted Fanbucket account if you ask me.

Here's a link to the original contest promotion page, now just home to the winners (should have been us).

The thing about the contest was, the flash technology Yahoo used to do the contest (we weren't actually on Yahoo Messenger, it was an application they developed specifically for the contest) wouldn't allow you to copy/paste the text in the window. So all 16+ hours of our entertaining America could only be captured via screenshot. OH THE AGONY!

The screenshots don't seem to be in any order, so if you do decide to peruse the collection, realize that it's sort of jumping around days and times.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I must dig out Amir's boogers.

(I how Smashmouth happened to be playing in the background while I stuffed my face with Kremos—songs were selected randomly by Yahoo, not us, btw.)