Mike, it's Brad.  Listen dude, remember how we've been surfing the islands since June?  Well, we're totally broke, and we're really bummed.  So, that's why you've got to tell the teacher we're surfing. 

Just say, "Hey, teach, Brad and his friends, and these honeys they met, have been surfing the islands since June.  They've been riding Pipeline out of Waimea Bay.  They were paddling out to pipeline when the pipe was breaking 30-foot surf.  That's what's called ‘Big Wave Riding'."

Man… I know Mr. Brodie will be cool with this, but Dr. Hanson will probably single me out for a lecture, and harsh my vibe.  But if he heard from us, maybe he wouldn't start screaming at us, when he first sees us in November.  That is why you should tell the teacher we're surfing.

They say it gets really big around here in December, with the winter storms in Alaska creating a 50-foot break at Pipeline, so it might be longer.  We surfed a lot of the beaches in southern California.  Then we went to Mavericks.  After that we went to Mexico and surfed Acapulco.  Then we got out to the islands.  If you mention any of this, don't forget to tell the teacher we're surfing.