I realize that this form has been kind of beaten to death. And that's there's already a parody with this title. In any event, it was only 10 minutes of my life, and probably less of yours, so here it is:

Hi John. I'm super glad you chose me to be your running mate. And we've had some good times, too. You told me about how the Supreme Court works and I showed you how to use your toaster oven. You told me about your POW experience, and I told you what Russia looked like. I can see it from my house, you know! It's all covered in water, when we're President and Miss President Runner-Up we're going to have to do something about that? Well, not you and I, but…I guess I should just say it.

I'm fucking Obama.

I'm fucking Obama
[She's fucking Obama]And yes I know it isn't right
I said I'm fucking Obama
[She's fucking Obama]I'm not imagining he's white
I said I'm fucking Obama!
[On the table, against the door, rolling on the Senate Floor, we did it early, did it late, even during the debate]I'm fucking Obama
While you're pandering and schilling
I'm fucking Obama
[She's fucking Obama! Hey McCain? How do you like…this drilling? Get it? Because of the whole energy/Alaska thing? No?]

Hey, John, you don't have to frown. Remember all the stuff that went down? Like the time we implied Obama was a terrorist…even though we knew that he wasn't, at all.


[Actually…do we need to do the rap? I've kind of been…you know, trying to distance myself from the]Yeah, with the election, doncha know?
[That's verrry good, Sarah! We're having an election! You remembered!]

I'm fucking Obama!
[She's fucking Obama]I'm at his crotch like a Doberman! I'm fucking Obama!
Ask MSNBC's Keith Olbermann

Keith: In an entirely unshocking defectation in an increasingly desperate campaign, Sarah Palin, is having carnal relations with democratic nominee Barack Obama.


You were trying to teach me how a bill becomes a law? I was fucking Obama!


You were having dinner at 4:15 even though nobody else was hungry? She was REALLY fucking Obama.


You said he was affiliated with terrorists? Well, I was BLOWING Obama!

I'm fucking Obama!

[On the table, against the door, rolling on the Senate Floor, we did it early,did it late, even during the debate]

I'm fucking Obama
[She's fucking Obama]I'm fucking Obama
[She's fucking Obama]I'm fucking Obama

Well, John, that, is, well, you know, that's the way the snowball melts, as we say in Alaska! If you have any questions at all, you can try to contact my manager. Her name is Bristol, and she's just the most precious thing ever. Her number is (75…

[I'm sorry I'm going to have to moderate this. Let's go and pass some HARD legislation]

(That means I'm going to fuck Obama!)

*Palin wink*