Dear Randall,

I took a look at your business plan for the spoons only restaurant idea, and everything looks pretty good. I’ve never eaten a five-course meal with just spoons and I’m sure thousands of others haven’t either.

Spoon Restaurant

That being said, I do have some questions, concerns and ideas I’d like you to look over: 

  • If every food is eaten with a spoon, does that mean everything is served in bowls? Also, I’m a little concerned we’ll upset the fork and knife crowd.
  • Your “Spoon Straw” design looks promising. Although, I think it might have been invented already. If it hasn’t, the only problem I see is it might drip on the customer.
  • Most people will assume you serve soup, so the commercials should stress other meal items. If that doesn't work, we can use pro-spoon subliminal messages in our ads.
  • I had an idea for a dessert called “The Big Spoon.” It’s a banana split served on a large golden spoon (not real gold). If the customer eats the whole thing themselves in under 15 minutes, they get to keep the spoon. What do you think? If they don't finish in time, then a fair price might be $14.72.
  • I like your idea for a spoon mascot but I think he should wear clothing. Maybe Bermuda shorts? Remember: we don't want to offend anyone more than we already are (again, I'm worried about the fork and knife people).
  • Here’s my ideas for the restaurant name (my favorites are underlined): Spoon, Just Spoons, A Spoon Will Do, Spoonz, The Spoon Restaurant, The Dipping Spoon, Easy Eats, Dr. Spooner’s Cafeteria, Just Spoonz.

Other than that, I think your idea is "spoonerific." (Isn't that what the spoon mascot says?)

Anyways, take some time to look over my notes and get back to me early next week.

– Stanley Isaacson

PS – I know a spoon wholesaler in Germany. He could get us a great deal on spoons.