For our second photoshop project, we were told to create a poster for our favorite subject in school. I chose math because I like algebra and make good grades in it. Below is the poster for my math class:

Manatee "Math Rules" poster

My poster has a manatee wearing a purple top hat and carrying a musket with the words "Math Rules!!!" underneath. Plus, there's a couple of math formulas floating underwater, too.

I chose the manatee, because manatees always look like they know something. They are big, but they look smart. It's like when someone's good at math. They may not be great at P.E., but they can certainly figure out how many laps are in a mile without a calculator. 

Math is fun to me. I thought I'd put a purple top hat on the manatee to make it look like he's having fun, too. Plus, a regular top hat would have made him look too serious. Math can be serious, but it's usually more fun. 

I put a musket in the manatee's flipper (hand?), because math can be hard. Sometimes you have to shoot your way through a problem to solve it. I thought the musket reminded me of the Revolutionary War, and the Founding Fathers invented math. That's why I chose it. Plus, he looks better with it.

"Math Rules!!!" is the slogan I used. Whenever I like something I usually say it rules. Plus, I think the other students would think math is cooler if they saw "Math Rules!!!" I don't know why I chose three exclamation marks. It just looked better.

I also put two of my favorite algebra formulas on the poster. They are floating in the water with the manatee, because they are the manatee's friends. Plus, the manatee hasn't solved them yet. He keeps the problems close just in case he comes up with the answers some day. 

In conclusion, I learned how to copy & paste, use the magic wand tool, use the select tool, type a shortcut, use the transform tool, insert text, move text, create a new layer, use multiple layers, merge layers and save a photoshop document as a .jpeg. Plus, I learned how to save the file into the shared folder E:/Bryansclass/Art/Photoshop/Period2/Project2/