I got to go to court and meet with my attorney and some police officers and a judge and some stenographers and there were a few other people there too. Quite frankly, court is just not intimate enough.

Whenever I go to court, I always make sure that I wear a suit and tie. It surprises me how casually some people dress to go to court. I mean, if ever there was a time to dress nice it’s an arraignment. People make judgments often by the appearance of a person. And in court there’s a guy who gets paid to make judgments. He’s a judge. And he’ll definitely be judging you. So seriously dude, wear a suit.

I got to help a friend move all his girlfriend’s stuff last Saturday. In case you were curious, and I know that you are, there is apparently no shortage of Winnie the Pooh material in the known universe. None.

Here’s something strange. I am now currently on probation (whee!). Which means that I get to go to a probation office once a month. In this building are two offices, one specializing in criminal offenses and the other in domestic disputes. And all the chicks who work in the domestic disputes end were smoking hot. And all the female criminal probation officers weren’t quite as good looking. Kinda makes me wish I enjoyed beating women.

Let’s get something straight because clearly there is some confusion out there: women are not a minority. The female business owner may be a minority. The female judge, attorney, politician and crackhead may be a minority, but females are actually a majority on this planet. Mainly because they avoid occupations like mining, military service and cage match fighting.

I read the following two sentences, which I believe are unrelated, on the public stall of a bar bathroom:

Life is zesty down inside our nest.
I see a witch hovering over reality everyday.

I have no idea what those two could mean, but I thought I’d share. I’m cool like that.

Court Sullivan assures me that he is tracking down my previous three years of blog posts. It’s kind of a shame to misplace three years worth of writing. But we’re looking. And you can rest assured that we will find it. It’ll probably take until the end of summer though. Years of writing are elusive. Also, you’re noticing that, in addition to The Nate Way becoming Nathan DeGraaf’s blog, Your Mom’s Favorites over in the right hand corner has now been renamed, Nate’s Favorites. Nothing like creativity. Anyway, the kinks will get worked out and we’ll all love PIC 2.0 in time. I’m sure.

And finally, because logic and fluidity are hating life right now, I leave you the following, which I saw on a tennis shirt:

“Love is for Losers.”

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