A couple of updates before we kick off the random observations: The Nate Way will be heading to St. Louis for the annual niece's birthday/Cardinal game pilgrimage (I cannot tell you how happy I am that both my niece and nephew were born in the same month, during baseball season). I will be arriving Thursday the 23rd, attending a Cardinal game with my friend Winekeeper on Friday night, and just lounging around the suburbs for the next couple of days. So anyway, if you're in the area around then, you've been warned.

Oh, and as an added summer bonus tidbit, one of PIC's funniest and least productive writers, Michael Curtiss and his roommate Matt will be coming to Tampa the weekend of the 17th. So, if you're in the Tampa Bay area around then, you have been warned as well.

Who's had a more surreal career thus far: Kurt Warner or Rick Ankiel? I say Warner wins that one. But only time will truly tell.

Outside, in the mad mugginess, I was walking from my office to a nearby grocery store when I noticed a cup on the ground, picked it up and threw it in a nearby trash receptacle. A kid carrying a skateboard walked up to me and we had the following conversation:

Kid: Why'd you do that?
Me: Do what?
Kid: Throw that cup away.
Me: Because I was there and it was there and the trashcan was there so I kinda figured, you know, it all worked together.
Kid: Whatever, man.

He said that last line really sarcastically, as if I was the fucked up person in this exchange.

The fact that the homeless population in this area is enamored with the wheelie dealie airport carryon bags really makes me think that I should own one. I mean, homeless people know all about convenience. They don't even pay rent.

Preseason football, summed up by some guy named Sean I met the other night: I mean it's like, it's football so it's awesome. But it's preseason so it sucks. But you know, it's still football, so it's still awesome.

My new definition of an alcoholic: a person who drinks screwdrivers for the vitamin c.

And finally, because logic and fluidity really don't have the time for your tomfoolery, I leave you with the following, written by fellow Cardinal fan and actual internet writer who doesn't work for the St. Louis Post Dispatch who was actually mentioned in a Bernie Micklasz column, Will Leitch:

“If there's hope for Rick Ankiel, there's hope for all of us.”


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