I received an email from a guy in India recently. It was pretty cool. Anyway, he told me that marijuana sells for about a dollar or two a quarter ounce over there. Now, if you have a passport and bags of weed are your bag, well then, that's a good vacation spot for you, huh?

I got to thinking about the future of globalization, of the economy, of technology and of humanity in general and I came to the conclusion that the future will suck. Hard.

Apparently, there's a primary going on in Pennsylvania right now. The winner gets the right to lie to the American people for a few more months. Sounds like a real honor.

Well, Spring is here, Summer is coming and as the weather warms, people tend to spend more time outside, shooting and killing each other. That's right, 32 people were shot and 6 died in Chicago this weekend, which actually breaks a current century record for most deaths in a Chicago weekend that was set four years ago during my buddy Duncan's bachelor party. So there you go, Dunc. Told you that record wouldn't last forever.

Okay, I don't usually like to link to stuff but check this out. Some guy in some office in California decided to run a database check and compare the addresses of every registered California sex offender to the addresses of every registered child care facility in his state. And he found 49 fucking matches! That means (as far as I can tell anyway) that 49 men convicted of sex offenses were able to get licenses to take care of children. No wonder Michael Jackson likes California so much.

Here's a fun thing to do if you're bored, sober and a total dork. List the most delicious type of food you ever had and the city you ate it in. You may be surprised. You may not. You may find it to be useless. I found it interesting. Check this out.

New York Style Pizza: New York
Deep Dish Pizza: Chicago
Wood Fired Pizza: Padua, Italy
Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich: Chicago
Chicago Style Hotdog: Chicago
Hotdog: New York
Chinese Food: Hamburg, Germany
St. Louis Style Pizza: St. Louis
Baby Back Ribs: St. Louis, Memphis, Kansas City (tie)
Steak: St. Louis, Omaha (tie)
Beef Ribs: San Antonio, Texas
Chili: Dallas, Texas
Mahi: Destin, Florida
Hamburger: Los Angeles
Pork Chops: St. Louis
Green Beans: Northwest Iowa (no cities up there)

Notice how most places that are well known for stuff are great at it? I never tried any chowder when I was in the Northeast, but this list practically tells me that I must do so the next time I'm up there. The fact that the best burger was in LA is simply a testament to the ole In n Out Burger and the fact that the best Chinese food I ever had was in Germany is simply a testament to the fact that I've never been to China. But overall, every city known for its goods is good at the goods.

This unfunny, unnecessary exercise is brought to you by Dead Horse Meats.

Dead Horse Meats: We beat em, You eat em!