I'm on this fruity quest for the ultimate reality, or some shit like that.  That's what the philosophy 101 instructor was flapping his gums about for an hour this afternoon.  But I can't remember exactly, since I had just blazed one.

Apparently, there is something called "human nature", or some corny scientific bullshit.  According to this theory, men are restrained from their aggressive impulses by morality, or some wack bullshit.  I'll tell you the theory I believe in, which is that I don't smoke it if it doesn't have the smell.  But this cat was talking about some far-out shit.

Then he started talking about robots, and how it was possible to predict the actions of an agent, provided you had access to all relevant information.  But I don't know for sure, because I had an erection like it was high school, and I wanted to just jerk it right there, man.

And I would have, too, but there was this blond chick I kinda dig, and I don't want to play hardball, yet.  

So I just sat there with this rock-hard boner while this lily-white, British-ass dude kept talking about the mental categories, and how concepts can only be meaningful provided they are part of a constructed system, or something like that.  I couldn't tell for sure, 'cause I was using those ear buds that came with my I-pod.  I was rocking to some Floyd, man, Animals.