Have you ever had to do the simplest, most mind numbing task for a long period of time? I had to stuff envelopes with flyers for a sale at my work, which would later be delivered to the mailboxes of every house in the area. When I signed up for the eight hour shift, I didn't think anything of it. It's easy work, I'll be in and out with little effort on my part, and I'll still get paid my tiny wages. I was wrong.

After hour one I thought about quitting my job. I just sat there, by myself, stuffing envelopes, staring blankly at a wooden table in an all white office in the back of the store. I started to resent the all white walls. When I get bored in class, I always look out the windows and people watch, or I try to find patterns in the cracking paint on the walls. With all white walls, your creativity, and part of your soul are just sucked out your eyes, and afterwards all that's left is a bot that stuffs envelopes.

Hour two I asked my boss if I could get my I-Pod out of my car, and was denied because "I wouldn't be able to hear if he was calling me." Fucker.

Half way through hour three I was joined by two female co-workers who had also signed up for this job, but didn't volunteer for the full 8 hours. That proved to me that most women are probably smarter than I am. I also thought about slamming my head into the wall in order to create chaos in a void of whiteness.

By the start of hour five I realized that these girls weren't going to talk no matter how many conversations I tried to start. They answered yes and no, and even when I generated topics that needed more than yes or no answers, they found a way to answer in three words and quit. The florescent lights flickered and I became very excited, because that was the first thing to capture my attention in over an hour. I started thinking about sword fighting with the long tube lights, and after twenty minutes of day dreaming some bitch who I had never seen before waddled her fat ass in the room and yelled at me for just sitting there. All my thoughts went to paper cutting this cow to death and firing up my grill for the first time this spring.

I don't remember any of hour six, because my female co-workers started talking about Twilight, and I retreated to the deepest, darkest part of my mind, then slammed my head down on the desk. The room fell dead silent like earlier, and nothing was said for the next hour. I now had a headache, and I vaguely remember asking if my forehead was bleeding.

My boss came into the room to tell us we were in the final stretch and asked me if I had been sleeping because there was a giant red mark on my forehead. My female co-workers started laughing and for the first time I enjoyed being there. That ended quickly enough though, because my boss left and we went back to mindlessly stuffing envelopes.

When I was told I could leave, I immediately jumped out of my chair, clocked out, avoided talking to everyone, and flung the front door open, waiting to bath in the sun. Instead I was drenched by overflowing gutters and I watched the rain pound the parking lot. I can't say I was angry, just disappointed that god let me down again.

Song of the Day: Chica Chica by Park