Dear Wayne;

Hi there. You're probably wondering who this letter is from. I want to tell you and I will one day, but now is not the right time. What I can say is that I really admire that you work for the city and how you clean all my parks.

This is really hard for me to write this letter to you. I never really planned to write you; but one day while I was watching you leave Heritage Hills soccer fields, you didn't realize it but you ran over a small snail with your truck. After you left, I approached the dead snail and it told me to write you. So here I am…

God fucking damn your legs!!!

I'm sorry. I just get so excited thinking about you. I remember seeing you at Dunton baseball park. It was the first day of spring and you were wearing your shorts. At first, from a distance I thought they were briefs; but then once I got close enough, I noticed they were your shorts. I laughed to myself. It was like you tricked me. Oh Wayne. I could of reached out and touched you right there. I almost did.

We have met before actually. I was dressed up as an old man at Red Brush Park. I had pretended to fall down so you would come rushing over to help. I was amazed at how your long, pale legs moved so quickly. The way they leaped and galloped. You were like a big fucking horse! I bet you are hung like one too.

I will only admit this once, but we have met a second time as well. You had your big white legs wrapped around my neck when we fucked. But that was just a dream….and maybe someday….i can say it actually happened.

I love you.