BOSTON – With their post-season hopes on the line, the Boston Red Sox fell 5-3 to the Chicago White Sox. Boston, a team noted for their remarkable comebacks, was able to engineer some big plays including back-to-back homers by David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. Their spectacular hitting proved not enough as Chicago was able to engineer their own, including a double-decker shot by Paul Konerko into left-field stands.

Boston appeared poised for a comeback as they emerged with a score in the sixth inning. To their dismay, Chicago executed a pitching change that would stymie the resurgence and quell the fans of Fenway. “El Duque” would save the day for Chicago, forcing two popouts and sending BoSox savior Johnny Damon back to the dugout on strikes.

Chicago will go on to face the either the New York Yankees or the Anaheim Angels in the American League Conference Series early next week.