This is Tad hanging out in the morning.

Tad is also checking out his weapons. He's double checking to make sure they are in good condition for The Battle Royale.

The Battle Royale will begin when Jean and Nancy come over. Jean is Tad's married neighbor and Nancy is the hot teenage cashier that works at his local grocery store.

They will each get one of these weapons: Either the sword or the axe. And both have agreed to fight to the death for Tad's hand in marriage. Secrectly, Tad would like for Jean to win. She has bigger tits.

Of course, except the fact that Jean and Nancy are real people and Jean does have bigger tits, everything in the above statement is false.

Tad is only thinking about The Battle Royale in his mind as he took this picture on his tripod.

What is true, is that later that day at his younger brother's wedding, Tad was arrested and convicted on firearm charges as a revolver he was carrying accidently discharged in the church.