It's over (I'd imagine.) In retrospect, I could have been nicer. I also may have won $10 Million from Publisher's Clearing House. Oh, well. Now, I don’t want anybody to panic, but there is a chance that at least someone thinks I’m an asshole . Yeah, I know. I surprise even myself sometimes. I thought everyone would like my writing, particularly the nihilistic, two-faced, double standard crowd. I thought I was a shoo-in there. Well, I could devote time to defending the kind of person I am, but I’d miss a great opportunity to redefine myself as an asshole. Also, it’d ruin my chance to have the song played in my honor. So, I’m somehow going to have to live with some people thinking ill of me.

As a side note, everyone should have theme music. Until I can find a CD-quality version of the “Theme to Shaft,” Mr. Leary's work will have to do.

I now return you to…