Are you watching anything good these days? Personally, I’ve really been loving this mirror lately—it’s so relatable.

The main character in the mirror is a guy who’s just like me. He looks like me, he talks like me, he’s got my same style, even the same mole on his neck. I see a lot of myself in him. And he’s so compelling to watch. He’s the sort of guy that’s just easy to root for, you know? Even if he’s not always perfect, for some reason I find him kind of inherently loveable.

Plus it’s got such a relatable plot. The kind of stuff that happens on the mirror is exactly the kind of stuff I deal with every day. There are things like flossing and hair brushing, and I’m like, yes! So true. And then when I’m like, “Yes! So true,” the guy on mirror is like, “Yes! So true” too. It’s kind of uncanny, actually—just goes to show how authentic the character’s psychology is.

All the emotional topics on mirror are totally relevant to my life, too. Right around when I was feeling nervous about my presentation at work, mirror had a whole arc about practicing a speech and building confidence. It was super timely stuff that really hit home for me, and I’m glad that they dared to show life how it really is, for me, personally. Because ultimately, that’s what I want: media that portrays someone just like me, having experiences just like mine, reacting in just the same way that I would. Anything less would be alienating, confusing, and frankly boring.

Seriously, I could watch mirror for hours. They’ve put so much thought into every little detail on there. Like, the drab color of the paint on the bathroom walls is spot-on. It perfectly suits the character—he’s just like me, and his bathroom walls look just like mine. And the cracked light switch? Painfully accurate! It’s almost like I’m looking at my own bathroom.

It’s so meaningful to see myself in what I watch. I look to art to gain a new perspective on my life, and mirror does that in spades. The new perspective it provides is “from the front,” and it helps me have all sorts of personal epiphanies, like that there’s something in my teeth. So then I took action—I picked it out. (I think it was a chia seed.) How often does what you’re watching actually inspire you to change your life for real? Crazy, right?

You don’t seem to be into this. You’re not the only one—I haven’t found anyone else who’s interested in my mirror when I tell them about it. But I don’t understand. It’s so relatable! It’s exactly like my life, which I assume is universal. You’re telling me when the guy in the mirror cut himself shaving because he made himself laugh by remembering something funny he could’ve said, you didn’t feel that deep in your bones? Then I’m sorry, I guess I don’t know what to tell you.

I know, I know. Everyone’s talking about watching window, but I truly don’t get the appeal. There’s all this stuff I don’t understand when I look at window. For one, the people on there are all outside. I’m not outside! I can’t relate to that at all. And they keep saying how warm it is, but my AC is on so I’m not sure what they’re talking about. It’s just sort of hard to connect to.

Sometimes if I watch long enough, it gets dark outside and I start to see myself reflected in window a little more. Finally! Where has this character been the whole time? His stuff is way more interesting than all of the other storylines on window, and I care about him so much more. I guess they’re trying to do this artsy thing with multiple plot threads, but I wish they’d just give him his own spinoff. It honestly mostly reminds me that I’d rather be watching mirror.

There are so many things to watch these days, it’s impossible to keep up with all of the shows people say are good. I’ve given up trying to watch all the Emmy contenders or every new release Twitter won’t shut up about. Instead, I’ll be binging my favorite comfort watch, hanging out with the most nuanced and relatable character of all time, wondering if he’ll ever stop staring back at me and go do something.