A Fourth of July party wouldn’t be complete without some festive dishes to show off your patriotism. We’ve gathered the top recipes that Uncle Sam would approve of, along with some fun ideas for how to use all that new Hellmann’s Strawberry-Flavored Mayonnaise™ you picked up at the grocery store. If you haven’t bought yours yet, make sure to get it fast. It’s flying off the shelves!

Stars and Stripes Fruit Dip

Start your party off right with this flag-inspired appetizer topped with blueberries and strawberries. Most recipes call for regular old cream cheese as the base, but to keep things interesting, why not choose Hellmann’s Strawberry-Flavored Mayonnaise™ for an extra fruity twist?

Mini New England Lobster Rolls

Guests will love indulging in these buttery lobster rolls served on miniature, toasted buns that make for perfect finger food. You can toss your lobster chunks in any light mayonnaise, but we think Hellmann’s Strawberry-Flavored Mayonnaise™ works best. It might sound weird at first, but it’s one of those savory and sweet combinations that’s surprisingly delicious.

Firecracker Hot Dogs Smothered in Mayonnaise

Hot dogs are a staple at any summer barbeque, but the Fourth is a special occasion that calls for specialty toppings. This recipe includes dough wraps and cheddar cheese, plus a healthy dollop of strawberry-flavored mayonnaise to really round out the palette. We’re so glad we got this special flavor out to market and made so many units in advance of the holiday. This is what American traditions are all about!

Frozen Red, White and Blue Mayonnaise Pops

A summer classic! Use food dye to create the red and blue stripes surrounding that rich, creamy mayonnaise center. Kids will love Hellmann’s strawberry flavor in these frozen treats, and if not, so what? They’re kids! They’ll eat anything, right? That’s what our VP of Product said when he initially pitched this idea. I told him it didn’t make any sense, that it would actually offend most customers, but nobody listens to me.

No-Bake Strawberry Mayonnaise Pie

Forget the mess of baking and opt for this pie that you can whip up easily with strawberry flavored mayonnaise, Hellmann’s of course, tossed into a pre-made crust. You’ll need three jars to fill up a standard pie dish, but it doesn’t hurt to have anywhere between five and ten handy, just to be safe. This has nothing to do with the fact that I explicitly promised my boss I could exceed my sales goal and move 50,000 units in the next seven days. I can sell anything! That’s why they hired me. I’m not worried about it at all.

Strawberry Mayonnaise Daiquiris

Sounds terrible, right? The first few are, but I’m on my third one now and I can’t even taste them anymore. I used to have dreams by the way. When I first stepped into the mayonnaise arena, I had stars in my eyes and all the promise in the world. A young twenty-something: handsome, ambitious. They were calling me the next Richard Hellmann, I swear to God. But this condiment business is cutthroat, man. Those thugs at Kraft will make your life a living hell.

Strawberry Mayonnaise Patriot Buckets

You’re going to need a hell of a lot of mayo for this one. Take some Hellmann’s, strawberry-flavored for the love of God, and dump them into plastic buckets for you disgusting lards to eat from with a ladle. You people make me sick with your twisted desires to bastardize something as simple and flawless as mayonnaise. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Strawberry-flavored? It’s against God’s plan! Why am I the only person around here who cares about that anymore?! I’m so sorry, Richard. I have failed you.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Just heat up some corn like a normal person. I don’t care anymore! I’m always bailing people out and it’s time I focus on myself for once. All those long nights spent at Hellmann’s, only to come home and get screamed at by my wife for smelling like old eggs and vinegar? Even if I do keep my job, she’s still probably going to leave me for that young guy at the deli. She only ever loved me for my cushy gig at a premiere sauce company, and I was a fool to think otherwise.

Strawberry Mayonnaise Cupcakes

Get a hold of yourself, Steve! You’ll figure a way out of this, damn it. Remember what you’re always telling yourself. These people will buy anything if you put it in the right package! Strawberry mayonnaise cupcakes. That’s good! Yes, strawberry mayonnaise cupcakes are an excellent Fourth of July recipe. They encapsulate everything the American dream is all about: how a man can add fruit to a condiment and really make something of himself.