A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Eve

Ten years after graduation, Charlie Brown returns home to see what the old Peanuts Gang has been up to. At the bar on Thanksgiving Eve, after Charlie Brown complains about the loneliness of adulthood, Lucy suggests that he become director of their high school reunion. Charlie Brown accepts, but it proves to be a frustrating struggle as he attempts to balance Linus’s naive belief in Bitcoin, Peppermint Patty’s adult bullying, and Pig Pen’s constant mentions of QAnon theories; all while learning the true spirit of the holiday: “you really can’t go home.”

Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Thanksgiving Eve

A Dr. Seuss holiday favorite about one loner’s attempt to ruin Thanksgiving Eve for everyone at the bar. From “constantly derailing the conversation,” to “keeping everything focused on him,” and “throwing off the whole vibe,” the titular Grinch does everything to derail the fun and ruin the holiday. That is, until the power of community and togetherness convinces everyone to go to another bar while The Grinch is in the bathroom.

It’s a Wonderful Life When Compared to Everyone Else at This Bar

When a financial discrepancy puts a down-on-his-luck father in a difficult position, George Bailey's guardian angel comes to show him what life would have been like if he had never been born, and how similar that would be to a man spending Thanksgiving Eve at an airport-adjacent Applebee’s bar.

Thanksgiving Eve in Connecticut

This timeless holiday rom-com tells the story of an unmarried, big city magazine writer who pretends to be a farm wife and mother for her weekly column. Her deception begins to catch up to her when she is asked, “What have you been up to recently?” by an old classmate attempting to fill the dead air in the bar. Matters only worsen when her “not much really” is followed up with even more awkward small talk from two people who haven’t seen each other in a decade and were never really that close to begin with. Can she maintain her ruse, and find true love in the process?

A Wish for Thanksgiving Eve

Four friends returning home for the holidays are snowed in together after bar hopping on Thanksgiving Eve. And while they have clearly outgrown each other with little to nothing left in common, they still force themselves into a friendship solely for the sake of nostalgia, a fear of change, and a desperate attempt to cling to their youth. Starring all your favorite TGIF alum!

The Year Without a Thanksgiving Eve

A Rankin/Bass holiday staple that uses the wonders of stop motion to show the origin story of everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving Eve children’s character Tom Turkey. Featuring the voices of Mickey Rooney, Fred Estaire, Jimmy Durante, and many more of your Lawerence Welk Show favorites! Try not to sing along to such holiday staples as “Holly Jolly Thanksgiving Eve,” “The Island of Misfit Sides,” and “Defrosty the Turkey.”

A Thanksgiving Carol

A selfish business owner refuses to take part in the festivities of the holiday; and so on Thanksgiving Eve, he is visited by three spirits with hopes of changing his evil ways.

First, the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past helps him relive a memory of his childhood in which his parents frantically struggled to prepare the next day’s dinner while the inlaws watched judgingly; complaining “you got the wrong can of cranberry sauce,” as it’s both “too jiggly” and “not jiggly enough.”

The Ghost of Thanksgiving Present shows the unknown joys of escaping to watch parades, dog shows, and Lions games for nine hours while surrounded by, but not talking to family.

While Thanksgiving Future forecasts the same scenario while eating Boston Market takeout.

I’ll Be Home for Thanksgiving Eve

A Hallmark Original about a big city lawyer who is home for the holiday. She decides to avoid everyone and stay in for the night, and has never been happier.