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Whale-hunters HATE him. Check out these 14 secrets for harvesting ambergris that Nantucketers don’t want you to know.

Answer: Moby Dick

You’ll be OUTRAGED at how little really happens on an ordinary June day in Dublin!

Answer: Ulysses

Check out these 7 WEIRD ways to make any woman fall in love with you, leave her husband, and then slowly lose her touch with reality.

Answer: Anna Karenina

World War I veteran shares secret to capitalist excess.

Answer: The Great Gatsby

Think this is just a normal painting? Just wait until you see what happens when its subject commits murders and gets hooked on opium…

Answer: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Woman braces for death in rural Mississippi. You won’t BELIEVE what happens next!!!

Answer: As I Lay Dying

When you find out what Humbert’s last name is, your JAW. WILL. DROP.

Answer: Lolita

This Spaniard will restore your faith in humanity…or at least in tilting.

Answer: Don Quixote

When you read these shocking travelogues, you’ll never want to face the Cyclops again.

Answer: The Odyssey

She asked her husband to commit regicide. But she didn’t expect something THIS prophetic to happen!

Answer: Macbeth

I paid $5 for a prostitute and what happened next…OMG!

Answer: The Catcher in the Rye

Day laborer exposes hidden trick to accidentally squeeze pocket-mouse to death.

Answer: Of Mice and Men

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