Looking for a relaxing and spacious stay in the Floating Pleasure City this summer? Well you’ve found it!

Close to trains, restaurants, cyberbars, hacker clubs, and wire shopping. Walking distance from the Cube of Delight!

This is a true luxury building, with a holoGym, a NutrientSlurry machine, and a pool with GENUINE WATER! Note: You must pass a genetic inspection to swim. No exceptions.

alienated loners apply now

1bed/1bath/1bionic link. comes furnished w narrow bed and neon lights. smokers only, no deposit, no social credit check.

Historical Building, Mysterious Circumstance

Me: A detective with amnesia and a cauterized head wound.

You: Want to fill my second bedroom.

The Building: Former vulcanized rubber factory that was captured by the Neosasiatic Para-Militia in the Silica Wars, then recaptured, then, at some point, gut renovated. Full-time doorbot who smells like burnt rubber.

The Apartment: When I woke up the door was off its hinges and the whole place was awash in nanoBlood. It had clearly been ransacked, though whoever did it left behind many valuables. You should keep a stunner in case they return to finish the job. Should be easy to aim in the nice common area with lots of natural light.

~Roommate Wanted for Chill Guy House~

Very very laid back apartment with two massively chill guys.

We are:

  • Mike (he/him) is a 32 year old bartender who likes hiking and making food.
  • Xere3 (it/its) is a 206 year old black-license bounty hunter who likes making knives.

All utilities included, except bounty insurance, which you need to buy separately. We both use the common space to watch holovids and hang, but it’s fine if you want to just be roommates. You do need to buy bounty insurance tho. Even if you don’t want to hang. Just in case:)

No pets sadly, I have allergies and Xere3 has laid a lot of motion-sensing trick wires (trust me, it’s barely safe for humans haha). 420 friendly, 820 friendly, 1670 friendly, other cyborgs fine just let us know so we can flip the charging port.

We invite you to this tastefully decorated House of Traps

As you enter this open floor plan layout with 9’ high ceilings, you will be greeted with a laser. From there you will reach a comfortable hallway, where you’ll duck and weave to avoid more lasers. Windowed kitchen, equipped with abundant cabinetry, is accented with flying knives. Beautiful mirrored walls throughout (tenant pays for replacement if they’re shattered in a fight). In the bathroom, more lasers.


IF YOU ARE A MAN OR A MALE CONSTRUCT STOP READING!!! We are three female clones seeking a fourth to join our Home/Mind. We all live in one room and sleep in one MindBed, which keeps rent down and gives us powers. Ideally you’d also be a clone of us, but if not you must have GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE and NO BOYFRIEND. Text if interested bc we don’t like email <3


The apt is a RENOVATED air lock hidden deep underground. Yes, I mean deep underground. No natural light of any kind. Last tenant was a Battle Angel destroyed in a high-speed lightflyer chase thru the Undercity, so her parking spot is available. 2.000 kikDollars + rent. Available August 2st or 4st.

Home Sweet Dome!

1-bedroom right off the Free Breathing Domes. Gorgeous view of the irradiated crater. Yes, it really glows at night! Leaded blackout curtains NOT included. Apartment is a short walk to the Z and X trains. Pets are fine as long as they are cybernetic. Landlord covers electricity, tenant pays gas and cyberwater. BYOGC (geiger counter). And remember: If you lived here you’d be dome by now!