Hi there! My name is Alex and I’ll be your date for this evening. May I please have your first name?


And may I also have your last name?

Just Sylvia is fine.

That’s great, Sylvia, thank you. And how are you doing this evening?

I’m fine.

Wonderful. And how do you like this choice of restaurant?

I don’t know yet. It’s maybe a bit cheap-looking.

I do apologize for that, Sylvia. I’ll just make a note of that for my records. In the meantime, do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions?

I don’t eat fish.

That’s great, Sylvia. I’ll just make a note of that for my records. Do you mind if I change the subject while we wait for our server to arrive?

By all means.

Great. I’ve prepared a few questions to facilitate conversation. Would you like to discuss the economy?

Not really, no.

I do apologize for that, Sylvia, and appreciate the opportunity to be your boyfriend. Would you like to discuss TV shows?


Great. Which TV show would you like to discuss?

Um… I’m trying to remember the last thing I–

I’m sorry, Sylvia, I didn’t quite catch that. In the meantime, it looks like our server is here. Please wait while I put you on hold… Hi there! My name is Alex and I’ll be your patron for this evening.

Hey Alex, I’m Dean, and I’ll be your waiter for this evening.

That’s great. And may I please have your first name?

…it’s Dean.

That’s great, Dean. My date and I appreciate the opportunity to dine with you tonight. Do you mind if I put you on hold for a second?


Hi Sylvia, I’m back. Thanks for your patience as I connected with dining support. Do you know what you’d like to order?

I think I need a few minutes.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Sylvia. Let’s see if we can troubleshoot your situation together. As this is a Blaze Pizza, I would advise selecting from one of their Signature Pies. Perhaps the Meat Lover, as you indicated that you did not like fish and that is what meat is not.

Actually, I–

It also has a star next to it, and if you scroll to the bottom of your menu you will see that that means it is popular.

Fine, the meat one. Maybe with no red onion, though.

I’m sorry, Sylvia, but I’m afraid that would change the status of your order from a Signature Pie to a Build Your Own and for that I will have to transfer you directly to our dining representative. Just stay on the line a few minutes…

No! It’s fi–

Dean? I’m putting you through to Sylvia… Sylvia? I’m back with Dean. Sylvia wants her Meat Lover converted to a Build Your Own with no red onion. Can you authorize that?

On it, chief.

Wonderful. And may I ask if there will be a surcharge for her modification?

Naw, that's not how we roll at Blaze Pizza.

That’s great to hear… Sylvia, it looks like you won’t be paying any additional fees for your adjustment today. And Dean, while I have you on the line, I will have the Pesto Garlic Cheesy Bread Starter as I am on a financial diet and also I ate earlier.

You got it, boss.

Now, Sylvia, where were we?

I was just leaving.

I’m sorry to hear that, Sylvia. Is there anything else I can help you with? A dessert package to go, perhaps?


I understand perfectly. Before leaving, however, would you be willing to complete a brief survey about our date? You would be eligible to win a $25 voucher for cab fare.

Definitely not.

I’m also approved to offer you a free second date, if that appeals. Is there a telephone number I could reach you at?

Not a chance.

Okay then! If you change your mind, your reference code is SYLVIA PIZZA. Thank you for going on a date with me this evening. Once again my name is Alex and it's been a pleasure speaking with you. Have a great rest of your night.