Rick Preacher is a rugged, workaholic detective who always solves the case, no matter what. He doesn't have a wife or kids because he's married to the job. After solving a string of robberies, Rick gets the weekend off to relax on a job well done. Alone in his apartment, crushed under the weight of social isolation, Rick decides to text all of his friends to see if they want to hang out.

No one responds, but the read receipts confirm they've read the messages.

Panicked for his friends and terrified at the thought of a lonely Friday night, Rick uses his grit and investigative skills to solve his toughest case yet.

Have Rick's friends been kidnapped by an ex-convict out for revenge? Or have they all gone to a party with Rick because he's kind of a buzzkill?

Scary text message

Me, Myself, and Matthew

Jessica was just a normal, everyday HR Rep with everything going for her: a nice place, a great boyfriend, and a good job. That is, until she woke up alone. Frightened, and thinking she's the last person alive, Jessica tries to put the pieces together on why everyone is the world seems to have vanished overnight.

Then, while searching the city for answers, she finds her worst nightmare: Matthew, a friend of a friend of an acquaintance who she had talked to for 10 terrible minutes at last year's New Year's party.

Now, Jessica is stuck between the terror of being alone, and the horror of hearing about how Jim got a 1900 on his SATs, but it's not that big of a deal. Can she bear the hardships of a solo existence, or will she listen to Matthew drone on about his political views and the true meaning behind Donnie Darko?

Death Demo

What happens when flyers just aren't enough?

Patt Franklin had just made the move to the big city, where his biggest fear was meeting new people. Now, his biggest fear is them never leaving. When Patt ignores Taylor, a struggling musician trying to promote his band outside a local coffee house, Taylor's advertising becomes something much more sinister. Now, Patt can't find a moment's peace, as Taylor follows his every move.

In this chess game of wills, who will face the music?

Tensions rise as Patt's resolve begins to slip, and he eventually downloads Taylor's music off of Bandcamp. They end up being just all right.

Can Patt break the news to Taylor without completely crushing his dream, or will Taylor take the criticism too hard and go back to teaching junior high PE?

Christmas with the Franks

Christmas has always been a time of relaxation for the Franks. However, this year, their extended family has come to share in the festivities. At first, the fragile nature of the families is kept at bay by seasonal tidings and drinking. Then, disaster strikes as Jack Frost decides to drop an Arctic dump over the region, changing their holiday home into a jingle bell jail.

Watch as the small cracks in a family's relationship explode in passive-aggressive statements and Christmas chaos.

Sit in fear as you wonder if Aunt Linda will condescend Margret's decision to go to art school.

Cower as you listen to the awkward silence of John and Uncle Bill run out of conversational topics.

Tremble at Cousin Mary's ability to ruin dinner with poorly-timed jokes about Grandpa's creeping dementia.

With Interest

Jonathan was just your average college student, but it was time to move on. College was fun and all, but it was time to take those next steps into adulthood. He had it all planned out: an apartment in the city, an entry-level position at an accounting firm… but the one thing Jonathan hadn't planned on, was a haunting.

The ghost begins to wreak havoc on Jonathan's life, forcing him out of his dream life. To escape the spirit, Jonathan starts living at home again, hoping the ghost won't follow him. But boy is he wrong. The ghost is a part of him, contracted to him by the forces of evil.

In a last ditch effort, Jonathan reaches out to a professional in this new wicked world. Unfortunately, it's too late to help Jonathan out with his student loans.

Run Dry

Twentysomethings Mike, Chaz, Ali, Becky, Brad, and Violet are off on what should be a youth-filled getaway to Chaz's dad's cabin up at the lake. There's no way this getaway will be anything except fun in the sun, bonfires, and unprotected sex.

Unless Mike forgot to bring the alcohol.

After making this realization only 10 minutes from the cabin, the gang makes a last-ditch effort to save the vacation by stopping at a gas station in hopes of some last-minute booze. The only problem is, they're in Pennsylvania, and alcohol is only sold at distributors.

With their cups run dry, these co-eds must now face the tragedy of sobriety. Will they be able survive each other's company without mind-numbing drugs? Will their libidos go unanswered without any social lubricant? Will anyone ever believe Mike's plea "I'm only human, guys!"?