Fall’s official start date is September 21st, but why should that stop you from breaking out all your cute fall clothing? If you’re struggling with exactly what to wear to show off your love for the season, here are some suggestions for hip autumnal ensembles.

All these outfits look great even if the weather isn’t quite a crisp fall breeze yet. Heck, these even look good when the thermometer is hovering at 80 degrees. The only limit is your imagination.

1. Cuffed boyfriend jeans, oversized knit sweater, leather Converse

A more relaxed look for days spent wandering the neighborhood looking at leafy green trees that won’t change color for another month. Of course, this ensemble still feels at home reading a book under the brisk chill of a Starbucks air conditioning unit. And the scent of the knit is perfecting for masking the body odor your sweat secretes!

2. Skinny jeans, combat boots, solid t-shirt, flannel

An edgier look for wandering half sprouted corn crops that have only matured to the height of a six year old. Bonus points because the four foot high corn won’t be able to damage your $300 polyester flannel shirt. Plus, the combats boots will protect your feet from all those September thunderstorms.

3. Distressed boyfriend jeans, Oxfords, bomber jacket, knit beanie

Finally! The perfect look for a photo shoot in that abandoned building nearby. Smile coyly at your obnoxious friend’s DSLR. Make sure she color corrects your sunburn, so you can post it as your new profile picture. A warning: don’t sit on that well placed piece of stone for too long, because the gathered heat might melt the elastic on your jacket.

4. Chinos, Oxford shirt layered under a cashmere sweater, Chelsea boots, infinity scarf

A back to school inspired look that’s as at home in a Manhattan prep school as it is on a trip to the pumpkin patch. The scarf will hide all those hickeys your summer fling(s) gave you. Not even your judgmental professor will be able to tell! Customize your look: try removing the sweater inside buildings with no air conditioning.