We all have methods of letting off some steam during these stressful times. Some of us engage in different hobbies or tasks. These activities help most of us get away from our everyday, nine-to-five routine. By doing so, we break standard patterns to participate in something that is less predictable.

Playing online games is one of the ways people can escape from reality and enter another space filled with mystery, fantasy, spontaneity and, most importantly, fun. Other games you may be into include online action games, sports games or casino games like baccarat and roulette, which can be found on well-known, safe and secure online casinos. We don’t always know what to expect with games, which is one of the reasons we love them so much.

We tend to fear the unknown, but sometimes we need this sentiment to feel alive again and break away from daily routines. Game designer Sid Meier said, “A game is a series of interesting choices.”

Lastly, gaming makes us feel happy when it triggers dopamine release. This chemical is known to be a feel-good chemical associated with feelings of bliss and even euphoria.

Horror Games

Games are designed to give us a natural high, but some games on the market have produced the opposite effect. Several of the games you might encounter can be pretty horrendous and nerve-wracking.

Despite the frightening nature of these games, some prefer to continue playing and power through to the end. Even so, the effects experienced after aren’t always pleasurable. Many players feel regret because horrific scenes keep on playing in the back of our minds.

We will look at a few games that cause terror for players due to their horrific nature.

1. Silent Hill

The first four Silent Hill games fall under survival-horror genre. This first one is set in a small resort town in Silent Hill, Maine, with foggy weather most of the time. In this misty environment, called the Fog World, many bizarre events happen. You’d think you’re dreaming until you realize you were just playing a game with scenes that feel authentic. This game is like a never-ending nightmare.

2. Dead Space

Dead Space is a science fiction horror game set in the future where mutated alien zombies surround an engineer. There’s never a moment of peace in this game as you find yourself walking down a quiet hallway or a safe room—you’ll then encounter the body of Necromorph that’s supposedly dead, but then it jumps at you. The game’s plot pairs the fear of the unknown with isolation.

3. Resident Evil

The Resident Evil franchise has released a total of 28 games. One of the most popular entries in the franchise is Resident Evil 4. This game takes you through a series of surreal levels that test your newfound abilities. You can’t help but feel powerless even though you have many weapons at your disposal. The game’s spooky soundtrack adds constant suspense and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. Amnesia

Amnesia is another horrific game that plays heavily on one’s psyche. You’ll have to explore dark spaces with absolutely no weapons to defend yourself. Make sure to keep your lanterns and torches lit while trying to solve puzzles that will bring you closer to remembering what you’ve forgotten. So, apart from the scary creatures in the castle, you’re in a world of the unknown.

5. Outlast

The goal of Outlast is to find a way to a secret located in the center of the asylum. Your only weapon against crazy asylum inmates is a camcorder. You’re constantly running and hiding in complete darkness throughout the game. This adventure promises to keep your adrenaline pumping from beginning to end.