Actual Word: Package

Pronounced: “Peekage”: An accidental exposure of flesh or undergarments due to missing or loose clothing fastener(s).

Actual Word: Gyro

Pronounced: “Ji-Roh”: When someone becomes motion sick and vomits such as during an amusement park ride. e.g., “Dude, you totally jirohed!”

Also Pronounced: “Gear-Roh”: A 1970s hybrid game of horseshoes and frisbee involving throwing jagged iron discs through staked hoops. Discontinued due to personal injury litigation in 1988.

Actual Word: Equinox

Pronounced: “E-Qua-Nix”: The time when, twice a year, aliens visit Earth to gather objects for their scavenger hunt games.

Actual Word: Mischievous

Pronounced: “Miss Chievious”: A matronly woman known for her cunning deceit and love of fine cheeses.

Actual Word: Futon

Pronounced: “Fruit-On”: An exceptional blend of healthy and yummy. The nutritionally balanced, socially impactful, economically sustainable snack for active people on the go!

Actual Word: Epicenter

Pronounced: “Epic Center”: Multi-use stadium located in Atlanta, Georgia where kick-ass shit happens.

Actual Word: Jalapeños

Pronounced “Jalapanos”: A series of small volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador where Cuba gets their vintage automobiles.

Actual Word: Thermostat

Pronounced: “Thermomostat”: A temperature-sensitive device with a mercury-containing bulb used in the 1930s to determine whether walls are running a fever.

Actual Word: Popeye

Pronounced: “Pupeye”: When a dog looks at you with an extra adorable expression.

Actual Word: Fajitas

Pronounced: “Fah-Jitas”: An extremely deadly mosquito-borne infectious disease typically affecting tropical and subtropical regions.

Actual Word: Macabre

Pronounced: “Macka-Bray”: An ornate wallpaper design of Indian origin featured prominently in the stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

Actual Word: Depiction

Pronounced: “De-pic-tation”: The act of cropping your ex from an otherwise decent photo of yourself.

Actual Word: Giardiniera

Pronounced: “Just give me the hot peppers… the mild hot peppers.”