Panic! At the Disco:
I Write Instagram Posts Not TikToks

Blink 182:
All the Small Aches

Simple Plan:
I’m Just a Kid, Please Stop Asking If I’ll Have Kids

Misery Slack Channel

Fall Out Boy
Thnks for the Svngn Blnc

My Chemical Romance:
I’m Not Okay (Should I Go Back to Grad School)

All Time Low:
Dear Maria, Count Me Out, I Have a Baby Shower That Day

Green Day:
Crate and Barrel Case

Avril Lavigne:
CyKlist Gui

Good Charlotte:
Lifestyles of the Insured & Student-Debtless

The Offspring:
She’s Got a Therapist for Her Issues

Fountains of Wayne:
Stacy’s Mom (Moved to Boca Raton)