Sun ● Sep 24 ● International Concert Hall and Events Centre
Order # 28-29403/FFS

Regular Tickets
Sec A, Row 12, Seat 11-13
USD $35.00 x 3

Irregular Tickets
Sec 𝜋, Row 𝑖², Seat log₂ 3𝜑
USD $35.00√5

Seat Selection Charge
USD $3.75
eTicket Printing Fee
USD $2.50 x 3
eTicket Delivery Charge
USD $1.80
Shipping and Mishandling
USD $4.80

Service Charge
USD $1.60 x 3
Service Fee
USD $2.30 x 3
Self Service Fee
USD $3.90
Order Processing Fee
USD $ 4.75
Order Manufacturing Fee
USD $4.75

Convenience Charge
USD $1.25
Inconvenience Charge
Market Price
Accessibility Fee
USD $2.80 x 3
Artificial Barrier Fee

Non-Refundable Damage Deposit
USD $3.10 x3
Maintenance Fee
USD $0.32
Conservation Fund
USD $0.62
Deconstruction Charge
USD $2.80

Finders Fee
USD $8.90
Keepers Fee
USD $8.90

Facility Fee
USD $3.00
Faculty Fee
USD $5.00
Adjunct Faculty Fee
USD $4.45
Utility Charge
USD $3.60
Frivolity Charge
USD $4.20
Reactivation Charge
USD $4.20

Carbon Offset
USD $6.80
Environmental Levy
USD $3.60
18% Gratuity
USD $18.90
Translation Services
RMB ¥64
Scalper Subsidy
USD $7.82

Relief Fund
USD $0.60
Distress Fund
USD $0.85
Thoughts and Prayers
Amazon Prime Subscription
USD $14.99
Being an Insufferable Customer Who Reads This Far Fee
USD $7.00

USD $856.69

Terms and conditions subject to change without notice, may be revoked for acceptable use, and are strictly and arbitrarily enforced. Tickets not valid for re-entry, pre-entry, or termination. Customer may be denied access and have personal information suspended at distributor’s discretion. Cancellations may not be initiated by purchaser; refunds are prohibited by law. Your transaction is very important to us; to appeal your order, call customer arbitration at 1-888-382-5968 during inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances.*

*Additional fees apply