1. If you hear a loud wailing sound, seek shelter immediately
  2. Makes a huge mess at Walmart
  3. Will completely ruin a round of golf
  4. Known for its capricious cruelty
  5. Formed during a hot summer night in a small Kansas town
  6. The absolute worst and most dangerous place to experience one is inside a motor vehicle
  7. Has been known to occur on every continent except Antarctica
  8. Can only be safely viewed from a great distance
  9. One is too many; more than one is a fucking nightmare
  10. Can be avoided with careful planning
  11. Makes you wish you had never moved to Kansas to pursue a romantic relationship
  12. Often compared to a freight train
  13. Disappears as suddenly as it appears
  14. Usually less than one mile wide
  15. Nicknamed “The Topeka Twister”
  16. People will not stop trying to capture its exploits on video
  17. Manifestation of God’s wrath
  18. Whatever you try to feed it, you end up wearing
  19. Has played a pivotal role in more than one Kansas divorce
  20. Everyone seems to be a goddamn expert on how to deal with one, but that’s not helpful when you’ve got one tearing up your living room

Toddler: 1-20
Tornado: 1-20