Waitresses Jokes

Top 10 funny things about waitresses:

  1. Some say they're the first step to becoming a whore: The Evolution of the Whore
  2. They're usually not that intelligent: The Snippets Care About Haiti
  3. When you think about it, we may not realize it at first but we always check out their butts while they're walking away from us: My Organs and I Go on a First Date
  4. They can make awesome girlfriends because they're used to getting guys stuff: Observations Like a Ticking Clock
  5. Guys will do crazy, stupid things to impress the hot ones: What Would Randy Spellner Do?
  6. The reason why they take a bunch of crap from people is because they know they're making a lot more money than some of their customers: Are You Being Served?
  7. Along with being gorgeous, they can be old, foreign and even gay: Lowering the Bar Crawl
  8. Even though they're not really that high-class, they're really hard to hook-up with: Weekly Questions at the Bar
  9. Almost every movie known to man (that isn't based in outer space) has one: Romantic Comedy vs. Reality
  10. We may love them sometimes, but we always make fun of them when they say or do something stupid: Viva La MTV
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