Summertime Jokes

Top 10 funny things about summertime:

  1. Everyone seems to think you need a job (hint: you don't): The No Job Summer
  2. Your big plans will never live up to everyone's expectations: The People We Will Let Down this Summer
  3. Going on vacation and leaving your girlfriend behind: The Snippets Need a Vacation
  4. The ridiculous charade of futility known as “internships”: An Open Letter to My Little Hell on Earth
  5. Working a summer job has replaced enjoying popsicles and other delicious iced treats: Where's the Ice Cream Man?
  6. Hollywood always remakes the stupidest blockbusters: Movie Prequels Through the Years
  7. Some of the worst dates happen outdoors: My Worst Date Ever
  8. It's when everybody takes the craziest vacations around the world: Summer Vacation Fun Guide
  9. If you drink enough, it might be Fall faster than you expected: Drinking Away Your Summer Vacation
  10. Not only does Hollywood do remakes, but they get worse every summer: The Exhausting Demise of Summer Movies

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