Bullies Jokes

Top 10 funny things about bullies:

  1. Most of them are uglier than your neighbor's bulldog: Boy Meets World: A Sitcom Retrospective
  2. For some guys, their childhood bully was indeed a girl: Sizing Up
  3. They will steal anything you own, including your pants and shoes: College Party Planning
  4. As a kid, you always called them mean names but never got the guts to swing a punch: Violent Logorrhea, Part II
  5. Their only weakness is someone in your family that's bigger than the two of you combined: I'll Take Care of That Bully, Son
  6. Even countries have bullies they can't get rid of: Why Canada is Better than America
  7. As you get older, they don't disappear because your girlfriend or wife takes over that role: The Irony of Your Wife's Affair
  8. Some don't know it, but your handshake can make you seem like a grown-up bully: What Your Handshake Says About You
  9. Even if they have hands of stone, they never go anywhere in life: Facebook Pictures: The Height of Voyeurism
  10. They turned recess into a living hell even the devil himself wouldn't live in: No Recess: Chapter 10